User Inputs with Dialogflow Actions & Parameters

This is a simple example to make use of Dialogflow Actions and Parameters. We will try to identify the user’s name input and use it in a short answer.



The Action is the step the application will take when responding to a specific intent, triggered by a user input.



Parameters are elements that connects words in the user response to entities.



Entities are used for extracting parameter values from inputs. There are three types of entities: system defaults, developer and user.

The default system entities are prefixed with @sys and they cover many common cases (name, color, date…). And you can create your custom entities.


The name parameter example

We create a new parameter, to recognize the name in the user input.

Dialogflow param 1

Let’s put a simple training phrase, with the user telling his name.

Dialogflow Param 2

The parameter is reusable in the Response, with the parameter name defined earlier. It is like reusing our defined variable, with the mapped user input as value.

Dialogflow Param 3


Try it

And the result will be

Dialogflow Param 4


Useful Links

Chatbot Section

Official Doc

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