WordPress RSS Feed ChatBot with Chatfuel

How to easily build a ChatBot to present news from a WordPress RSS feed. It is using Chatfuel, and it’s applicable for any RSS feed.


First, make sure that you have a working RSS Feed and a Facebook/Chatfuel account ready.

The wordpress part is optional, and for those who want information on WordPress RSS Feeds, it’s here.

If you need to setup a basic Chatfuel Bot, follow the tutorial.


The new Block

We will add a new Block, in the Automate view.

Handling User Input

First, we need to handle the user input. So that the RSS feed query can be customized with the user input. In case of RSS feed without variables, the user input may be optional.

Chatfuel RSS

Message to User -> the phrase that will be shown to the user.

Validation -> the user input validation (Phone, Email, Number).

Save Answer to Attribute -> The variable name.

RSS Card

In this new block, we will add a Rss Import Card, after our user input.

URL -> The RSS Feed URL

Other options are available, regarding the number of stories, the labels…


Linking the blocks

Now, we  have a Welcome Block, and our RSS Block. The next step is to link these two blocks. It can be achieved with a Go To Block Card, in the Welcome Block.

Chatfuel RSS 3


Smooth loading with Typing…

Finally, adding a Typing block can add a little smoothness before the feed loading.

It is better to add it in the Welcome block, between the User Input card ans the RSS import card.

Chatfuel RSS 4


Try it

The result should look like something like this :

chatfuel rss 5


Useful Links

ChatBot Section

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