Dialogflow Custom Developer Entities

In this article, you will see how to quickly build and use custom entities for your Dialogflow chatbot.

Developer Entities

Entities are used to extract parameters value from user’s natural language inputs. Developer Entities are the custom ones, created by the developer. They can be exported and uploaded via JSON or CSV formats, or via API.

Custom Developer Entities are useful when trying to map objects not included in the system entities.

For the example, we will build an Animal Entity.


Mapping and Synonyms

With Define Synonyms checked, you can add values for you entity, and synonyms for each value.

In this case, we want to identify : What kind of animal is the user talking about ?

dialogflow entities 1


Enum entities contains a set of entries that do not have mappings to reference values. Entries can contain phrases, words, or other entities.

Leave Define Synonyms unchecked and add your entries.

This case is more global : Is the user talking about an animal ?

dialogflow entities 2


Useful Links

Chatbot Section

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