Deploy Node JS Docker Hub container with Azure App Service in 5 minutes

In this tutorial, we will :

  • Add a start script for our application
  • Deploy a Docker Hub container with Azure App Service
  • Access the deployed container through the Internet

New Azure App Service

Select Subscription and resource group (same process for all Azure Services)

The instance details

Name : Must be unique for all Azure App Services, because it will be your service URL

Publish : In our case a Docker Image

Operating System : Linux is enough in this case

Region : Let it suite your tastes (Beware that not all instances types are available in all the regions

Select SKU and size

Picking the Free F1 instance leaves you in the free tier (perfect for a test or this tutorial).

Then, Next to the docker configuration

Docker Configuration

And…it’s over. Save and Start your App Service

Wait for the deployment to be over and test by going to the specified URL. You should see your Hello World.


See the Docker commands logs

The Container Setting tab offers a good view of the command logs, and the current configuration.

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