ChatBot HelloWorld Tutorial with Chatfuel

This is the Chatfuel Chatbot HelloWorld Tutorial. We will try to build a minimalist ChatBot. Browse the site for more advanced features and contents.

Facebook Login / Signup

You may choose the Facebook page you want to connect your ChatBot with. Or to create a new One.

The main concepts for building a Bot are Cards, Blocks and Attributes.


The Welcome Message

Chatfuel Chatbot Helloworld 1

First, let’s setup a welcome message. This is the message that will be displayed to the users upnon connecting to the chat.

Chatfuel Chatbot Helloworld 2


The Default Answer

We can specifiy a default answer. For now, this will be the answer that our bot will give for every user input.

Chatfuel Chatbot Helloworld 3


Try it

To test the bot, just click on the top right blue button. It will ping your Facebook messenger account, so that you can chat with the Bot and test it with your personal Facebook account.

The first contact should look like this :

Chatfuel Chatbot Helloworld 4

And so, we are done with the most basic Chatbot construction with Chatfuel.


AI Rules

An AI rule is a mapping between a user input and and the Chatbot answer. Click the Setup AI button to configure AI Rules.

We will add a simple (and polite) sule to answer Hello when asked so.

Chatfuel Chatbot Helloworld 5


Test the Rule

When asked Hello, our most intelligent Bot should answer…Hello.

Chatfuel Chatbot Helloworld 6


Useful Links

Browse the Chatbot section for more content and tutorials.

See the official Documentation.

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