Build a HelloWorld ChatBot with Dialogflow

In this tutorial, we will try to build the most basic ChatBot with Dialogflow.

Dialogflog (formerly Speaktoit) is a Google owned company. Their technologies are centered around Human-Computer interactions. They provide an SDK for building natural and rich conversational experiences. Whether it is text or voice based interfaces.

Google Login / Signup

First, you have to login or signup with a Google Account. At this step, using a Google User Account is mandatory.


Create the ChatBot Agent

Create your first agent, and provide some basic information like name, language or API version.

Basically, Agents are NLU modules ( Natural Language Understanding ).

Dialogflow Chatbot HelloWorld1


Add Intent

An intent represents a mapping between what a user says and the action that should be taken by the Agent.


Create Training Phrase

They are the user’s inputs to match. It should express what you expect the user to ask for. The more examples you provide, the more the agent is likely to understand.

Dialogflow Chatbot HelloWorld 2


Try it

The right side of the window serves as a live tester for your agent. You just have to type your input and submit. The result should be :


Dialogflow Chatbot HelloWorld 3

The response “Not Available” is because our agent doesn’t have any responses set up for the moment.

The same goes for the action, see the Action & Parameters Tutorial.


Add a response

These are the agent’s responses to the user’s input.

Dialogflow Chatbot HelloWorld 4


Test with response

If everything went smoothly, the result should be :

Dialogflow Chatbot HelloWorld 5


We have successfully configured our first Agent with Dialogflow. Now, we must add more features to it. Browse the Chatbot Section for more.

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