Java EE is dead, Long Live Jakarta EE

The Context

First, let’s go back a few months when Oracle has moved Java EE to the Eclipse foundation, via the EE4J project. A really good move for developers and for the Open Source community.

But here is the issue, Java is a trademark of Oracle and I bet they don’t want their brand fully associated with the open source project, under the Eclipse foundation. So the name had to change.

The Decision

Mike Milinkovich, the current Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation announced it a few days ago, Java EE’s new name will be : Jakarta EE.

Almost 7000 persons voted in their community poll, and Jakarta EE got 65% against Enterprise profile.

Jakarta Funny Facts

  • Jakarta’s name was originally a project (now discontinued) under the Apache foundation.
  • Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia…in the island of Java
  • The picture is from the city of Jakarta

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