Genuitec will Bring Microsoft VS Code to Eclipse with CodeMix

The Company

Genuitec LLC was founded in 1997, and has been pretty active these past years in developing Eclipse IDE tools.

Some of their products are :

  • MyEclipse, introduced in 2013. A Java EE tool suite built on Eclipse.
  • Webclipse, since 2015. A plugin for full stack development.
  • Angular IDE, since 2015. Angular & Typescript support.
  • DevStyle with Darkest Dark, in 2017. A popular Dark theme and other features.

Visual Studio Code

VS Code is a source code editor for Windows, Mac and Linux, developed by Microsoft and publicly released in 2016.

It has many features, such as  :

  • Git Integration
  • IntelliSense smart code completion
  • Debugging tools
  • Support for 50+ programming languages
  • More features via Extensions


The CodeMix project aims at integrating VS Code’s flexibility and extensions in Eclipse’s rich ecosystem and existing tools.

It sounds promising, and if you want a special access or insights, you can join them on Facebook or Slack.

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